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Have you heard of the book A Court of Thorns and Roses? Velaris is the place where anything is possible. A dream destination for those with big imaginations. The city of stars and lights. Come to Velaris and capture this energy yourself.  Komm´ nach Velaris und fang´ sie ein, die Energie.

The vision for Velaris was born.

The oasis among the pine trees in inland Ibiza has exactly this kind of energy. Here, in a place where people immediately feel at home, Gaby and Steffen want to share their vision of a healthy, self-determined life.

That includes vegan cooking. While he’s partial to a good steak himself, Steffen came to know and love the variety of vegan cuisine through Gaby’s influence. He’s keen not to sacrifice quality of life, and the wide world of possibilities it offers won him over. The right produce is key.

Discovering new things and being bold enough to change your mind now and then: Velaris is a place designed to facilitate innovation and combine sustainability with quality of life. A place designed to create moments to remember.