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Sometimes you just need to get things started. Maybe it won’t turn out like you expect. Maybe it won’t amount to much. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll build something great.


Steffen has already built several businesses, invested in start-ups and created a co-working space in a historic palace. This is where he turns forward-looking ideas into reality. He knows the events sector inside out. His club, Kantine 26, has been well-known on the scene for years. Here, he brings together up-and-coming bands and artists with big names of all ages. He’s a visionary who creates space for innovation. His ideas never go unnoticed. He loves sustainable projects and ideas that promise independence.

He’s inspired by his wife Gaby. Her love of animals, nature and the environment are the motivating force behind many of his projects. Together, the pair want to make the little corner of Earth they occupy a better place. When you get to know them, you’ll find that a friendly black dog is never far from their side. His name: Velaris. The namesake of this little gem on Ibiza. The name comes from the city of Velaris in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series – a city where dancers and artists live peacefully together. Perfect for a place where dreams come true.